I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Quantum Nanophotonics group at NIST, Boulder, where I am working on the project for 'Physics and Hardware for Intelligence' with Jeff Shainline.

I recently completed my PhD from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, where I was advised by Prof. Arka Majumdar and Prof. Rahul Trivedi.

Prior to this, I received my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. In summer 2017, I worked as a research student at IQST, University of Calgary under the mentorship of Prof. Christoph Simon.

My current interests lie at the intersection of photonics, superconducting optoelectronics, nanofabrication and neuromorphic systems. You may find my detailed CV here.

Engineering & research

In graduate school most of my research revolved around utilizing coupled cavity arrays (CCA) to engineer devices mimicking different Hamiltonians and using those to reach quantum simulation regime using photonics:

Boundary scattering tomography of photonic graphs

In this work, using measurements performed at the perimeter of a photonic lattice, we propose algorithms to perform tomography of the corresponding non-linear Hamitlonians.

Site-controllable CCAs

In this work, we realize a programmable coupled cavity array where each lattice site is tunable and, system Hamiltonian is tomographically measurable.
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Disorder study in topological CCAs

In this work, we realized and experimentally characterized the effects of fabrication disorder on high Q CCA based topological quantum baths.

Improving quality of single photons from broad emitters

In this work, we proposed an experimentally feasible method of obtaining indistinguishable single photons from very broad and dissipative solution-processed colloidal quantum dots using a coupled cavity system.

For a complete list of my publications check my Google Scholar account here.


I like watching films: obscure is good, but pop isn't bad either. And I love listening to music! In my free time, I like visualizing the songs on my playlist and representing my interpretations of those, as drawings. A palette of some of my works in various mediums follows:

For more of my drawings and paintings, check out my Instagram profile here.


Abhi (dot) Saxena (at) colorado (dot) edu
abhi (dot) saxena (at) nist (dot) gov